Protection of trade name

Let’s say you start a business; or you open a store; or you start any other activity. To distinguish yourself in the market, you use a legal name, install a signboard. This is your business identity: your trade name

But without protection, some people can take your identity and pretend they’re not. You must therefore have your trade name protected.

What we can do for you

déposer une marque oapi

Always with you

ALPHINOOR & CO help you in the protecting of your trade name, and this requires a registration. We help you to:


  • Check the availability of your trade name: searches for prior art at the RCCM and registration certificates or applications published at the OAPI
  • File with OAPI: Preparation of applications for registration of trade names, drafting of product and service labels, filing and follow-up of applications for registration with OAPI, responses to official OAPI notifications
  • Make your acquisition permanent by ensuring the long-term follow-up of your trade name, including the renewal of your trade name and the registration of changes of name, address or ownership in the relevant registers
  • Protecting your rights from those who would violate or challenge them

Our Services

IP Obtaining

Trademarks, models and designs, patents Trade names, plant varieties, traditional knowledge.

IP protecting

Litigation, Anti-Counterfeiting, Monitoring and watch services

IP Valorization

IP Benchmark , IP Audit, Technology Transfer, Financial Evaluation, draft agreement

IP Training

Trademarks, models and designs, patents Trade names, plant varieties, traditional knowledge.

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Frequently asked question

What are the costs of protecting a trade name?

Trade name protection includes official fees and consultancy services provided by our design professionals.
To protect a trade name at OAPI, fees are approximately 10,000 FCFA for individuals and 20,000 for corporations.

Who can register a trade name ?

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Where does a company’s trade name appear?

The business name of a company appears on many documents such as: business documents, business cards, quotes, invoices, company letterhead, etc.

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