Protection of plant varieties

In your company, laboratory, or university, you have developed a new plant variety. This creation can be protected and we can help you.

Protection means acquiring rights. To acquire rights to a plant variety, you must apply for registration with the OAPI and obtain a registration certificate called a Plant Variety Certificate (PVC).

A PVC is an industrial property right that protects all new plant varieties discovered or developed and their names from being copied for 30 years.

Under this certificate, the breeder acquires exclusive rights to the exploitation of the protected variety. This protection of the plant variety makes it possible to pay the owner for his work provided that it is distinct, homogeneous, stable and new.

ALPHINOOR & CO supports you in your PVC requests at OAPI and abroad.

What we can do for you

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Always with you

  • Listen: First, we learn about your plant variety
  • Understand : Our engineers are your direct contacts. They are top scientists in their field, able to understand the technical content of your work. The first of their missions is to examine with you the variety in all its aspects in order to ensure that the contours are well determined
  • Submit : Our services house experts who prepare, file and track applications for variety breeders’ and registrants’ certificates
    Obtaining : Our team follows the procedure for examining your plant varieties from the time they are deposited until the certificate is issued: responses to official OAPI examination notifications. Its task is to advise you in the best way by proposing strategies adapted to your project or company and to the difficulties of the examination
  • Defend or pursue: Sometimes disputes about all aspects of a variety arise, including copies, court actions for infringement (attack or defense) and actions for nullity or revocation (invalidation). Our team has lawyers who are always at your side to defend you and help you assert your rights
  • Advise : We know how to listen and understand technical considerations. We also know how to listen, understand and take into account the economic and strategic issues, including the deposit at the OAPI or abroad, which are yours
    To provide you with these services in a constant concern for quality and cost control, we put at your disposal a multidisciplinary team of qualified consultants and specialized engineers.

Our Services

IP Obtaining

Trademarks, models and designs, patents Trade names, plant varieties, traditional knowledge.

IP protecting

Litigation, Anti-Counterfeiting, Monitoring and watch services

IP Valorization

IP Benchmark , IP Audit, Technology Transfer, Financial Evaluation, draft agreement

IP Training

Trademarks, models and designs, patents Trade names, plant varieties, traditional knowledge.

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Frequently asked question

What are the conditions for the protection of a new plant variety?

The conditions for the protection of a new plant variety are novelty, distinctiveness, homogeneity and stability.

What are the costs of protecting a new plant variety?

The protection of a new plant variety includes official fees and consultancy services provided by our design professionals.
To register a design at the OAPI, the fee is approximately CFAF 690,000 for a new plant variety with DUS testing.
The support of a professional is essential in order to obtain the widest possible scope of protection in the jurisdictions of interest.

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