Protect your designs and Models

A design is related to the appearance of a product: shapes, border, decorative motifs, etc. These characteristics are of great value because they make a product discoverable in the shelves, desirable and therefore easy to sell.

Except that without protection the design, the result of your imagination and your work, once revealed can be easily copied, imitated or reproduced.

To preserve your creations, you need to take the exclusive right to use your designs. To do this, you must register them.

We help you to register your designs through the following steps :

What we can do for you

déposer une marque oapi

Always with you

  • Validate that your design is available and admissible for registration: documentary searches of prior art or state of the art and obtaining registration certificates or applications for registration of models published by the OAPI
  • Describe to file your designs, you must be able to describe them, and possibly specify the characteristics for which you claim exclusivity
  • File with the OAPI: Preparation of applications for registration of designs, drafting of form labels; Filing and follow-up of applications for registration of designs with the OAPI; Responses to official notifications to the OAPI.
  • Perpetuate your acquisition by ensuring the long-term monitoring of your title deeds, in particular ensuring the renewals of your designs and the entries of change of name, address or ownership in the registers concerned
  • Protect your rights from copycats, copycats and other predators who will get too close to your good ideas: disputes over all aspects of designs and copyright, including seizures and counterfeit lawsuits (attack or defense) and actions for nullity or revocation (invalidation) of registered models
  • Value your investment by helping you to exploit your designs for example when entering into licensing agreements, assignments, co-ownership of designs and other related agreements


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    Trademarks, models and designs, patents Trade names, plant varieties, traditional knowledge.

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    Litigation, Anti-Counterfeiting, Monitoring and watch services

    IP Valorization

    IP Benchmark , IP Audit, Technology Transfer, Financial Evaluation, draft agreement

    IP Training

    Trademarks, models and designs, patents Trade names, plant varieties, traditional knowledge.

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    Frequently asked question

    How much does it cost to register a design?

    The registration of a design includes official fees and consultancy services provided by our design professionals.
    To register a design at the OAPI, the fee is approximately 95,000 FCFA for a design with up to 6 views.
    The support of a professional is essential in order to obtain the widest possible scope of protection in the jurisdictions of interest.

    The copyright system

    Designs are first protected by copyright, if they are works of the mind, regardless of whether the designs are intended to be used in the industry or not.
    The combination of copyright and industrial property has several advantages. First, copyright allows the creator to benefit from moral rights, which are absent from industrial property. The design shall be protected as a work even if it has not been deposited, if the term of protection has expired or if the deposit is void. Moreover, the deposit, indispensable for the protection by industrial property, constitutes for the author a certain date of creation that he can oppose to third parties who claim themselves authors.

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