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You have developed a portfolio of industrial property titles that you exploit commercially, freely, without infringing on the intellectual property of others and without interfering with your competitors.

As time goes on, third parties may, on the one hand, deposit aspects of your intangible assets, or on the other hand, try to copy you and thus divert your clientele.
It is therefore necessary to develop and implement a strategy for monitoring your portfolio in order to anticipate the developments of your competitors and detect any possible usurpations of your industrial property rights.
That’s the purpose of intellectual property monitoring.

ALPHINOOR & CO assists in the monitoring of competitors’ intellectual property activities and defines with you the strategic positioning to be adopted in your relations with third parties. The assets monitored are :

  • Brands
  • Patents of invention
  • Drawings and models
  • Trade names
  • Plant varieties

Types of surveillance proposed

Monitoring of trademark and design registers

This monitoring makes it possible to identify all applications for registration of trademarks and designs on behalf of newly published third parties or competitors, identical or similar to yours, which may directly and immediately infringe your rights. As part of this service, we analyse these new trademark applications on a monthly basis (whether they are OAPI trademarks, European Union trademarks, or international trademarks).

Monitoring of patent databases : Patenscope, Espacenet, USPTO
To meet the needs of its customers,

ALPHINOOR & CO has developed an adapted and personalised technology monitoring service.
This monitoring covers three benefits :

    • Monitoring of new publications of patent applications filed either by previously identified competitors or on the basis of a set of keywords
    • A monitoring of newly published patent applications that cite, in their text or during their examination procedure, one of your patents.
    • Monitoring of scientific publications on all technological advances in your field

Monitoring of business identifiers
This monitoring covers all company names, trade names, banners and individual companies registered/declared to the OAPI and the Trade Register of its Member States. It can detect identical and para-phonetically identical names, at the OAPI, and for all activities.

Monitoring of generic or other domain names

Trademark surveillance can be extended to active Internet domain names, registered in some particularly extensions.

The proprietor of a trademark may object to an Internet domain name in case of risk of confusion for the public between identical or similar signs commercially exploited to designate identical or similar products and/or services covered by your trademark registration.
As part of this service, we analyse each month these new domain name reservations that may conflict with your intellectual property rights in order to advise you quickly on the means of action available to you.

This monitoring covers all domain names on the Internet including your brand (identical and container), active and reserved for geographical extensions. fr . cm and/or generic extensions . com, . biz, . net, . info and .org.

Border surveillance with customs assistance

Border surveillance is a preventive measure to allow customs authorities to detain goods suspected of infringing your intellectual property rights for a limited period of time. We can carry out this surveillance at the borders on the territory of the OAPI member states.

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