IP Protecting


This is the opposition procedure and the procedure for claiming ownership and their appeal:
These procedures take place before the Director General of the OAPI and are based on the principle of adversarial. The decision rendered by the Director General concerning an opposition or a claim of ownership is subject to appeal before the Higher Commission of Appeal of the OAPI, Body composed of professional magistrates nationals of the Member States of the OAPI.

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These are legal proceedings relating to intellectual property rights. A distinction is made between actions relating to the validity of industrial property rights, namely:

  • The action for annulment
  • The action for cancellation
  • And actions related to the defense of intellectual property rights:
  • Unfair competition proceedings
  • The action for infringement

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In the field of anti-counterfeiting, ALPHINOOR & CO intervenes in the following areas:

  • Legal advice
  • Investigation
  • Counterfeit seizure
  • Pre-litigation negotiation
  • Infringement action
  • Cooperation with Customs

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Monitoring and watch services

ou have developed a portfolio of industrial property titles that you exploit commercially, freely, without infringing on the intellectual property of others and without interfering with your competitors.

As time goes on, third parties may, on the one hand, deposit aspects of your intangible assets, or on the other hand, try to copy you and thus divert your clientele.
It is therefore necessary to develop and implement a strategy for monitoring your portfolio in order to anticipate the developments of your competitors and detect any possible usurpations of your industrial property rights.

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Our Services

IP Obtaining

Trademarks, models and designs, patents Trade names, plant varieties, traditional knowledge.

IP protecting

Litigation, Anti-Counterfeiting, Monitoring and watch services

IP Valorization

IP Benchmark , IP Audit, Technology Transfer, Financial Evaluation, draft agreement

IP Training

Trademarks, models and designs, patents Trade names, plant varieties, traditional knowledge.

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