We take care of all your intellectual property assets

As the representative of the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) We protect, and provide legal advice in matters of Intellectual Property (Brands, trademarks, designs and models, domain names, copyrights, patents, software, …)

Are you victims of unfair competition ?

The consequences of unfair competition and counterfeiting can be dramatic for your business. Our firm offers legal advice on the enforcement of IP rights.

Value Your Business

Are you a startup? You have an patent, an utility model, a software but you don’t know how to value your company? We assess and value your assets.

Who We Are ?

We are an Industrial Property Consultant firm, authorized representative with the OAPI, the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) since 2002. Our mission is to provide legal advice in matters of Intellectual Property by assisting, representing, acquiring and defending the rights of owners and optimizing the exploitation of creations and the innovation.

Your IP’s partner’s in Africa 

acquisition des droits oapi

IP Obtaining

Brands, designs & models, patents, trade name, plant varieties, traditional knowledge

defense des droits

IP Protecting

Arbitration (preliminary action before the court), and litigation, anti-counterfeiting, monitoring and watch services

valorisation pi

IP Valorization

Technology transfer, intelectual property evaluation, drafting confidentiality and business agreement

Your need

There are reproductions, imitations or copies of your products on the market; this means that individuals illegally appropriate part of your markets or profits. What to do?

You have unintentionally violated the intellectual property rights of a third party, and received a complaint letter. How do you defend yourself?

Manage your IP assets

Make intellectual property a major asset in the development and sustainability of your business. We offer a range of legal services , whatever the size and activity of your company.

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Creation and implentation of your IP policy

You have invested in the talents of designers, who know how to imagine objects that are useful, practical, aesthetic and original. But without protection this design or this model, results of your imagination, innovation and creativity , once revealed can be easily copied, imitated, reproduced.

We help you to acquire the exclusive right to use your intellectual work or patents

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Protecting your assets at OAPI and abroad

Your company, lab, or university is has it’s own research centers, with imaginative talents of inventors. How can you reduce the risks of seeing most of your inventions being copied?

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Audit and financial evaluation of your IP portfolio

In your company, laboratory, or university, you have developed a new plant variety.
If you have in mind that your plant variety is being protected and you want to acquire the rights to it, we can help you.

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Intellectual property consultancy , what is it ?

The Industrial Property Consultant is an intellectual property professional whose mission is to advise, assist or represent its clients with a view to obtaining, maintaining, exploiting or defending industrial property rights and rights in any related matter.

The Industrial Property Council is also competent to provide legal advice, particularly on industrial property, and to draft private agreements.

He also represents his clients in proceedings before the OAPI. He is responsible to his clients and is subject to the trade secrecy. It also ensures that conflicts of interest are avoided.

Why protect innovations ?

In order to promote the protection of innovations in small businesses, SMEs and start-ups, we offer customized training workshops to train company managers and their employees on various topics in line with their activities:

  • Employees’ creations : when labour law and intellectual property law meet
  • How to protect your intellectual property rights on the web?
  • Intellectual Property Management of Software and Applications



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