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The certification mark is a sign capable of distinguishing the products or services for which the material, the mode of manufacture of the products or of the provision of services, quality, precision or other characteristics, with the exception of geographical origin. , are certified by the trademark holder in relation to the products or services which do not benefit from such certification. It guarantees that certain products and services have specific characteristics and makes it possible to certify the conformity (of a product, a transformation, a service, a process, a company ...) to a certification reference system (standards, regulations, specifications, etc.).

The certification mark is first of all a so-called simple collective mark in that it can be used by any person complying with the rules of use established by the owner of the mark (group of producers, competent national authority, association). Then compliance with the approved specifications (also called usage regulations) establishes a control system which makes it a collective certification mark.

For the holder, certification consists of an attestation of the conformity of his products or services to a set of characteristics. For example, that these are developed in a certain way or that they meet certain quality criteria. In principle, all possible and imaginable characteristics can be certified in this way, with the exception of the geographical origin of the products or services. Anyone can be the holder of a certification mark as long as they do not provide the certified products or services themselves. A regulation for the use of the certification mark must be attached when filing, as in the case of the collective mark.

The Cabinet Alphinoor & Co offers to assist you in drafting your usage regulations or your specifications, in the procedure for filing your collective marks with OAPI and to assist you as an independent investigator for the purposes of control of all illicit uses of your collective and certification marks.

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