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You have an idea that you plan to exploit or market in a new product or service that meets or potentially creates a new need in the years to come. Creating a startup to market this new product / service or licensing it to a third party will allow you to turn your innovation into economic value.
There is a risk that during the time it takes you to develop pre-market prototypes your innovation will be copied or developed by other people or companies. Moreover, if you are looking for financial or industrial partners to help you develop, produce and market your innovation, you must convince them of its novelty and its value.

You must therefore quickly protect your innovation with one or more industrial property titles or establish a confidentiality contract prior to discussions.
Our team will advise you on the protection options best suited to your needs and your budget. If the patent filing turns out to be a possible protection option, our team will support you in all the procedures for obtaining a patent, from the prior art search to the ante and post-grant management of it. This also applies to all industrial property titles.
And this in strict respect of confidentiality and ethics to which all ALPHINOOR employees are bound


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